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About Us

The Powerful Collective was formed during the NY shutdown of 2020. Jane McCarthy, Beth Mendoza, Kathleen Troy and Lisa Ferry realized, while developing weekly workshops to manage the suffering brought on by isolation and imbalance, that many could benefit from their unique gifts. 

They have created their program of guided journaling, meditation and breathing, Reiki energy work and powerful and applicable activities/action steps to offer specific plans for corporations, hospitals, educational environments and wellness summits.

Facilitated break out sessions are provided throughout the two hour session to ensure communication within the group is successful.  Every participant is seen and heard.

It has been proven time and again that this collaboration, The Powerful Collective, allows for maximum connection with their participants whether in person or virtual.  Allow them to create a unique experience designed for the specific intention of creating connection, respite, stress relief and fun!

The Powerful Collective 

Empowering Through Collaboration

Who We Are

As Powerful Individuals

Jane McCarthy  | Certified Transformation Coach and Chief BrainSTORMER at JaneSTORM WOWs people to clear their mind clutter and get through the daily storms of life using brainstorming and unique tools to positively move an individual or team forward. You can find more at Book an introductory session to see if she is a good match for your vision. 914-329-3661.

(More about Jane here )

Beth Mendoza | It is my healing mission to help as many people as I can define value and create passion for health and wellness. To empower my clients who want to seek Divine help in all aspects of their life through direct communion with the Divine. To empower my clients to decide which form of (breathing, essential oil techniques, yoga, meditation, energy healing) intervention will best help them achieve their personal health and wellness goals. Contact Beth: or (914) 441-2042


Lisa Ferry | is a Reiki Practitioner trained in the Usui Ryoho tradition. Energy healing and mindful intention work through spell writing have empowered her to dive deep into the world of the spiritual and metaphysical promoting balance within and healing of mind, body, and soul. It is Lisa’s joy to share her knowledge and experience to help others heal and to create a safe space for conversations about all things intuitive. 914-391-5299

(More about Lisa here)

Kathleen Troy | is an ICF Certified Life Coach who enjoys conspiring with your heart to co-create your joyous life- no matter how radical the circumstances. Abundance, gratitude and joy are available, and can be expanded if you choose. Kathleen would be honored to speak with you during the week and feel free to book a complimentary deeper dive conversation! 914-886-8895

(More about Kathleen here)

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